vRealize Application Services Fails to Connect to vRA Cloud Provider

Recently I was using vRealize Automation (vRA) 6.2.1 with vRealize Application Services (vRAS) 6.2 and I encountered a strange issue. When I went to vRAS > Cloud Provider and select “Validate connection” I got “Could not connect to the Cloud Provider at https://(Your_vRA_IaaS_VM): BusinessGroup not found id= dd55fda1-df67-4b38-b93e-f6301f9e9696 – java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was STRING”.

This used to work so I was a bit annoyed the night before a big demo I was supposed to be delivering.

I tried unregistering vRAS with vRA “unregister-vcac-server” and registering again with this command: “register-vcac-server –componentRegistryUrl vCACServerURL –ssoAdministratorUsername UserName –ssoAdministratorPassword Password” but the problem remained. Strangely when I restarted the entire vRA IaaS Windows box then the error in vRAS would disappear for a couple of minutes but then come back again.

This got me thinking it was a timing issue as vRA as a platform is “time sensitive” so all components need to be synched on the same time zone with similar NTP settings. And indeed when I looked at the Windows IaaS machine it was on Pacific Time and then when I SSH’ed into the vRAS appliance it was on UTC time so quite a big difference.

So I did the following:

1. Set the timezone on the vRAS appliance to the same as the vRA appliance, vRA Identity Appliance and IaaS Windows VM:


2. Login as darwin_user into a Putty session to the host name of your vRAS server. Then sudo up to root by typing su – and press enter then enter the root password.

3. Change directory to etc by typing cd /etc and press enter. Edit the ntpd.conf and add an ntp server type vi ntpd.conf and press enter. Click insert to change the server address to your NTP time source and hold SHIFT and press ZZ to save it:


4. Now type “chkconfig –level 35 ntp on” and press enter. Then start the NTP service: “service ntp start”.

5. Restart the vRAS service: “service vmware-darwin-tcserver restart”. You should be good to go now.

6. On the vRA IaaS Windows VM run the following command in a PowerShell windows as admin:

“w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:pool.ntp.org /syncfromflags:MANUAL”

and then:

“Stop-Service w32time” followed by “Start-Service w32time”

Remember more than 1 minute time difference between vRA IaaS VM, vRA appliance, vRA Identity Appliance and vRealize App Services may cause these type of issues so get your “timings” right.

In vRAS Cloud Provider you should now see the following:


Job Done!



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