Deploy OVA/OVF from vRealize Automation Portal

Lately I had to deliver a use case around automating the deployment of an ova appliance, more specifically IBM WebSphere DataPower. So spin up a virtual image, add to network etc…
Luckily I managed to find and ova/ovf plugin for vRealize Orchatrator I can use: from one of VMware’s partners called SVA ( and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sascha Bitzer and Christian Strijbos from SVA for putting this plugin together and improving it based on my feedback.

The latest version of the this plugin is returning VC:VirtualMachine object from the importVM action, which is great because then I can then use this output parameter to feed into other workflow steps such as for example powering-on the ova once it has finished deploying, which is what I am doing in this vRO workflow:


The scriptable task’s job is to retrieve the VM name from the array output coming from the previous “Get Virtual Machines by name” workflow step. It will always be one VM so no need for an array but I was too lazy to change it:

System.log(“found VMs ” + vms.length);

for (var i in vms) {
var outputvm = vms[i];
System.log(“out vm = ” + outputvm);

In vRA Portal, I then used the Advanced Service Designer (ASD) to add a new Catalog item which looks like this:


So please first install the plugin from VMware Solution Exchange and then you can optionally use my workflow which is attached here for your convenience:

Jobe done!


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