Advanced Gating Rules in vRealize Code Stream

Recently VMware released vRealize Code Stream which is an application release automation and continuous delivery solution that allows developers and operations teams to release software more frequently and efficiently, all the while leveraging their investments in existing developer and operations tools. It offers Pipeline Automation to model any release process for any kind of software, Artifact Management to assure the right artifact versions for each release and a Release Dashboard to get full visibility into your release process.

One of the key features in vRealize Code Stream is the ability to define Gating rules which allows to control what happens between individual stages in a pipeline. Let’s say you want to run an automated test, or a manual approval is required before you deploy into a production environment. vRealize Code Stream lets you define gating rules between stages to allow for these types of validations.

If the gating rule is not configured, then the process proceeds to the next stage regardless of the outcome of tasks in the current stage.


The default gating rules are  Test Acceptance Threshold and Approvals.

Advanced Gating Rules– At the moment a specific Gating rule can either be Approval based or Test acceptance based but not both at the same time. So if I need to achieve both (for example run some automated Selenium test and also get approval) then how can I achieve that?

In the future we are planning to introduce a complex Gating Plugin which could take many options based on any task output and take a Boolean decision (approve/reject) based on options configured. For now we can write a vRealize Orchestrator workflow which can take task output as one of the input and approval workflow name as another input. The idea here is that you can create one workflow where you include a workflow element which is tied to Test Threshold workflow followed by another workflow element which is tied to the Approval workflow. All you need is the same input which you have in Test Threshold as the input parameter to this new workflow as well. Tag this new workflow as vRCS_GATING_RULE (global tag). To tag a workflow in vRO just run this workflow: “Library > Tagging > Tag workflow” and enter the tag as vRCS_GATING_RULE.

After you tag your workflow in vRO with vRCS_GATING_RULE, when you configure your gating rule in the pipeline template and select “If outcome of a vRO workflow is successful”, you will then see your new workflow appear in the same selection box as “Approval” and “Test Acceptance Threshold”.

If you select the newly added workflow, it will help you achieve a more complex Gating rule to include both an approval step and an automated test step at the same time.

Here is the vRO workflow for your convenience:

Jobe done!


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