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Managing The Software-Defined Enterprise

If you think about it – today, we care about applications more than ever – traditional or modern, the creation, delivery and management of those applications is a serious challenge for any IT organization.

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is all about leveraging the basic principles of virtualization, Abstraction & Pooling, and now applying it to the Network, and Storage.  By virtualizing all aspects of the data center  IT organizations are moving to a completely virtualized infrastructure heavily dependent of Software rather than Hardware as was the case in the past.

By having the virtualized infrastructure fully abstracted from hardware, workloads running in the data center, can be deployed seamlessly on the any environment: on premise, hosted publicly or a combination of both.

A software-defined environment requires not just common management, but rather policy-based automation.  The Management & Automation Solutions this blog will discuss will cover the main VMware offerings including Cloud Automation, Cloud Operations and solutions to help manage the business and financial dimensions of your cloud implementation.

This is what they call the Software-Defined Data Center.

The Software-Defined Data Center is the ideal environment to create, run and manage your applications and the whole point of delivering applications to the business is to serve the users themselves.  There are a variety of solutions that leverage the software-defined data center to address the high demand from the internal IT customers, while maintaining IT control. This blog aspire to cover those solutions and provide tips on how to be successful when embarking on the Journey to the Software-Defined Enterprise.


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